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We have released the WPS Telegram Chat Plugin by wpSolution for WordPress, a Live Chat between the webSite and the Telegram App. Using Telegram messenger on your website, you will stay in touch with your audience at any time and regardless of your location. We ensure the perfect compatibility of WPS Telegram Chat and WordPress. It works well with any WP theme. Several setup options are possible for better comfort… 

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21 thoughts on “WPS Telegram Chat

  1. Milad says:

    Hello and thanks for the awesome plugin,
    On a latest version of wordpress and Custom Template and new client system ,
    Chat Icon does not show up in the first site load , Even after page refresh , but after open another page Chat icon show up and remain .
    its occurred on my custom template and other template is ok .
    what i should lookup ?

    • wpSolution says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest. I will prepare an update to the plugin by the end of June 2024. The update will include fixes to make the plugin more stable. Additional features may be included.

  2. Brent Daugherty says:

    Thank you for a great plugin. Can you please add a way to select to put the chat icon on the bottom left or the bottom right of the site? I would like it on the left on my site due to it being right on top of the scroll back to the top icon. Thanks!

  3. xsyptos says:

    Hello and thank you very much for the great plugin, it works great!
    But I would still be interested to know whether the requests from the website can also be answered by several Telegram users… so that e.g. two or three users use the bot created for this purpose and this bot writes to all its users and all of them can also reply to it?

    • wpSolution says:

      Hi! Yes it is possible, so:
      1) Create a group and add your bot to this group.
      2) Assign the bot as an administrator.
      Dont forget Turn off the privacy mode of your bot!
      Read more https://chatimize.com/telegram-bot-group/

      Next will need your Group’s ID:
      3) Add the @RawDataBot bot to your group.
      Bot Raw will automatically show information about your Group. Once you know the group ID, you can delete @RawDataBot from the group.
      4) Change the chat ID in the WordPress dashboard.

    • wpSolution says:

      Hello! Anti-spam is an expected message. To prevent users from abusing and sending multiple messages per second. You have another problem, you are using a proxy, but the response is error 400 “Bad Request”. Make sure that all settings for the plugin are correct (token, chat ID, proxy address and script). If you still need help, give me access to the admin panel, send login/pass to me in telegram https://t.me/wpSolutionOrg

  4. Nima Bayrampour says:

    I have installed and set up your plugin. It’s truly excellent, and I’m grateful for it. The chat Page on my site is only displayed to logged-in users. How can I make it visible to all users?

  5. Olgerd Grifich says:

    Feedback in the chat is a response through the chat to the user. The answers go through the telegram bot. But in the chat only requests from visitors are visible.

  6. Olgerd Grifich says:

    Hello! Installed the plugin, it works fine, messages come. There are a couple of questions: is it possible to send messages in the chat using the Enter key and is feedback in the chat implemented in the future? And then users write and in the chat on the site do not receive a response from the admin.

    • wpSolution says:

      Hi! Hotkeys exist: “Esc” – Closes the chat, “Ctrl+Enter” – Sends a message. What do you have in mind about (feedback in the chat)? Contact me on telegram for more information. Provide the address of your site where the plugin works.

  7. Informática Centroquímica says:

    Hello. I configured everything and I receive messages from the site in my telegram, but when I reply, on the site, my answer is always repeating, although I only sent a single answer.

  8. Christina Deane Thomson says:

    Hi thanks for this awesome plugin to allow visitors to our site to hook up via Telegram. Having completed all the steps with the bots and then testing the chat feature, no messages are actually received though? Why would that be?

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