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We have released the WPS Telegram Chat Plugin by wpSolution for WordPress, a Live Chat between the webSite and the Telegram App. Using Telegram messenger on your website, you will stay in touch with your audience at any time and regardless of your location. We ensure the perfect compatibility of WPS Telegram Chat and WordPress. It works well with any WP theme. Several setup options are possible for better comfort… 

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6 thoughts on “WPS Telegram Chat

  1. Christina Deane Thomson says:

    Hi thanks for this awesome plugin to allow visitors to our site to hook up via Telegram. Having completed all the steps with the bots and then testing the chat feature, no messages are actually received though? Why would that be?

  2. Informática Centroquímica says:

    Hello. I configured everything and I receive messages from the site in my telegram, but when I reply, on the site, my answer is always repeating, although I only sent a single answer.

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